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Raw Editing
Evoto's powerful features will leave you spellbound with its color accuracy, photo quality, and processing speed.
Amazing Sky Replacement
With Evoto, you can get a perfect result from the Sky Replacement tool with just a few clicks. The app detects your subject, masks the sky, and offers you a full set of alternative skies to choose from. It also takes into account reflections of the sky in water. Furthermore, none of the above requires any manual effort!
Edit Skin Tone
Skin Tone Adjustment tools help you create the right shade of skin tone in no time.
Remove Blemishes
Evoto uses cutting-edge tools to produce amazing results on your photos. It can detect skin and remove blemishes in just a few clicks. You gain complete control over removing imperfections, allowing your photos to retain the natural look and feel of human skin.
Change Headshot Backdrop
Select a new backdrop—that's it. You can upload and use your own backdrop if you don't like the preset options.
Clean Backdrop
Clean up the backdrop of any photo with a single click.